Moroccan Magic


Recently Nilla ventured to Morocco for a holiday with her girls Fia and Emma. After meeting their close friends Chloe Tozer from Clo Studios and Jack Clissold in Marrakesh, they spent a week exploring the street markets, eating delicious local cuisine as well as riding camels through the desert.


Nilla’s top five things to do in Morocco:

A trip to Marrakesh is a sensory overload of exotic sights, sounds, smells and tastes. With the right attitude, its an intoxicating city that will “wow” you at every turn.
This Aladdin-like wonderland presents a tapestry as rich as a magic carpet.


1. walk through the Medina Labyrinth
2. Majorelle Garden
3. A night in the Moroccan desert and sunset camel ride tour
4. Spend your dirhams at the Souks, a maze of appealing colours and handmade products
5. Grab a cocktail on a roof terrace
6. Relax at a Hammam (day spa) .. oh that was 6 🤷🏼‍♀️

Megan Penfold