We create wholesome food that is real, seasonal and with a rustic twist. 

At VanillaFood we care about good food, health and the environment. We embrace the power of food as medicine and its ability to bring and connect people together. We try and enrich your life, excite your tastebuds and increase your overall wellbeing one mouthful at a time.

VanillaFood’s style is flavour first but always with health in mind. A squeeze of fresh citrus and the happy use of fresh herbs and edible flowers keeps the dishes bright and lively.

Our produce is grown organically and local when possible. Aside from our local suppliers, everything is made in house. In our food you will find no preservatives, no additives, no refined sugars and no artificial colours or flavours.


Leading with sustainability

Born out of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, the VanillaFood team love to surround ourselves with nature and simple living. We care greatly for our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. We put in a lot of effort with everything we do where the environment is concerned. We recycle, compost and try to minimise our waste by limiting single use plastics.

 “Sustainability, to me, is a way of life. Recycling at home and at work, and cooking with ingredients that are in season. Cooking with ingredients that are here one day and gone the next. It’s one of those things where one thing leads to another. So recycling, composting and all of that which is good for the garden. You feed the soil and you get nice plants; you use what you want and [the waste] goes back into the garden.” – Nilla Tomkins, Founder and Executive Chef of VanillaFood


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Hi I’m Nilla Tomkins, the Founder and Executive Chef behind VanillaFood.

I was born in Denmark and will always be a Dane at heart, but Australia is where I found my roots. My interest for food started when I was very young helping out my mother in the kitchen. After many years of being a chef my love for wholefoods and health slowly blossomed.

It is always my number one priority making sure my family and friends are healthy and happy, as I believe those are the only two things in life you really need.

When I am not preparing the dishes at VanillaFood I like to spend my time walking my dog Sunny on the beach, innovating new recipes in the kitchen at home or travelling the globe with my two daughters Emma and Fia.

Welcome to the VanillaFood journey xo.